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Building the Project

It is possible to quickly build the project from the UI if needed. If a preview is needed, click on the Play button at the top of the screen. Make sure to un-click the Play button if any more edits are needed, when the play button is selected all changes during that time are reverted.

For a full build, navigate to the top bar and click File > Build & Run, select the folder for the build. This should create a .exe and will automatically execute the .exe to play the simulation.

Using a Unity Cache Server

Due to the size of the project, builds can take a while to process. A Cache Server is used to reduce the time of the build by caching assets across all jobs. To setup a Cache Server follow the instructions on the Unity Cache Server project page. To connect to the server use the following flag in the parameters of the build command -CacheServerIPAddress ip:port where ip and port are replaced with the IP and port of the Cache Server.